Viddy vs. SocialCam

Two of the most popular mobile video sharing apps of the last few months have been Viddy and Socialcam. Similar to Instagram, Viddy and Socialcam allow users to take shot videos, apply filters and share them on various social platforms. Viddy and Socialcam are integrated into Facebook’s Open Graph, allowing the videos to spread on timeline similar to how social readers like those used by the Washington Post work. So far, more than 41 million active users are on Socialcam each month, while more than 36 million use Viddy. Gigaom

Pinterest Just Scratching the Surface?

Pinterest is huge right now, but is it possible that it’s just beginning to scratch the surface? Pinterest is still a work in progress with some limitations like only being available in English and lacking an iPad or Android app. Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp is dedicated to designing the perfect platform and thinks that we’ve yet to see the best there is to offer on Pinterest. Social Media Influence

Become a Facebook Power User

Nearly one billion people are on Facebook, but are you a regular user or a power user? One of Mashable’s most popular articles last week was 10 Facebook Tips for Power Users that included suggestions like repositioning photos on timeline and uploading high quality images. These tips will help give you a tour of some of Facebook’s lesser-known features like secret groups as well as give you a tour of all the permission settings you can alter. Are you a true Facebook Power User? Mashable

Mobile video apps, Pinterest and Facebook Power Users. What piqued your interest last week? Leave a comment below.