Does your digital marketing strategy drive your investments directly toward your goals?

In over 200 brand marketer consultations during 2012 and 2013, Fluency found that less than ten percent had social plans that were directly tied to business goals

Pure Michigan’s social content machine was designed to activate passionate in-state fans and partners against a known calendar of recurrent events while sharing and celebrating Michigan’s travel product with millions of potential travelers. The main role of the program is to fill the consideration portion of the sales funnel with feel good engagement and direct fans to actionable travel planning opportunities where possible. Surveys said that most Facebook fans were much more likely to travel to Michigan after experiencing the page.

  • Are your digital channels already focused on your most important business goals for 2014?
  • Do you have a clear, measurable definition of success?

Does your strategy minimize liability and waste?

When will you find out if your 2014 risk management plan is airtight?

One brand manager was surprised to find out the majority their million Facebook fans were outside their US-based target market and ten to twenty years younger than their target age group.

  • Is your publishing process sufficient to prevent an accidental post by one of your staffers?
  • Have you prioritized your marketing investments to avoid waste at the top of the sales funnel?
  • Are you sure your social plan is engaging your target customer?

How well do you know the audiences you want to engage?

Success starts by focusing on the relationships that matter most

  • Are your target audiences defined and prioritized by their relationship to your business goals?
  • Do you know which audience segments are engaged on which channels?
  • Which relationships will help you reach new customers?
  • Which relationships will create a thriving community or permission based marketing channel?
  • Which relationships will best support your revenue goals in the near term? In the long term?

What does your audience need to feel and know to take action?

  • What content influences intent to purchase?
  • Which types of content serve shoppers, current customers or seekers? The media?
  • Which content engages? Which drives reach and growth?
  • What content accelerates the top of the sales funnel? Consideration? Transaction?
  • Where and when do your audience members experience that content?

Are you prioritizing your most effective channels?

Focus on the channels that work best…for the audiences you’re trying to reach

  • Which channels have already attracted your audiences’ time and attention?
  • Which channels can best deliver the content and services you want to offer?
  • Do you currently use competitive or comparative benchmarking to determine whether you are using all the available best practices?
  • How do you stand out in the stream?

Do you have a clear plan for coordinating all your resources in one place?

Strategy only matters when it gets translated into practice

  • Do you have a comprehensive inventory of all your partnerships, opportunities, events, ads, PR, technology, measurement, reporting and potential liabilities
  • Do you have stakeholders or partners who need to be educated?
  • Does the next month already have 80% of its content planned?
  • Are your recurring programs being tested and optimized or replaced on a predictable, reportable basis?